How To Ventrilo - Public Vent: Everything Explained

Like our Ventrilo? Good! You should by now. We aren't ranked within the top 100 in the world for nothing. This page is a simple overview of everything related to our Ventrilo, broken down into a clear and easy to follow web page.

You are here because...

You probably asked some silly question about how something works in our Ventrilo. Never fear, everything you need to know about anything related to our Ventrilo is outlined below.

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1) The Basics

About Our Ventrilo:

How To Ventrilo - Public Vent is a FREE public Ventrilo. We sponsor guilds/clans/groups with their own channels and admin. Think of our Ventrilo as an ocean with a lot of little islands inside. You would be an island, and moderate it however you like. We are a place to call: "home" in these darkened times of shitty, unreliable, and under-moderated servers. We are none of these. In fact, our Ventrilo is hosted on a 10gbps network backbone, which means lower pings for you, and higher resiliency from network attacks. We also boast the best staff in any vent you have or will come across, and have measures in place to prevent any type of ass-hats who like to VEX/Spam or troll. In fact, we are so confident that you can't fuck with us or our users; we dare you to come and try. Not only are we the shit at providing the best experience you've ever had in a Ventrilo, we know it.

Our Rules:

Pretty simple stuff. We don't like to have over 9,000 rules for you to follow like most other Ventrilo servers.

Ban Policy:

If you were banned, you were banned for a reason. There are no repeals. However unfair this may seem to you is not our concern. Learn from it and move on.

However, due to the volume of subnet bans we have, there may come an instance in which you may have been banned accidentally due to having a similar IP as someone else. In this event, you need to attempt to contact Master via Steam, or email and he will get it sorted out.

2) Everything Explained

You as a guest:

So you've decided to join our Ventrilo eh? Well, welcome!

Guests make up at least half of our overall population. That being that case, it's safe to say even just using our Ventrilo as a guest is much more beneficial to you as a user than most of the other low end public Ventrilo's out there.

a) Here are some of the things you might like:

Need your own Sponsored Channel or want to know about our VIP? Read on below.

Channel Sponsorships & What You Get For Free:

Sponsored Channels are a majority of our population in this Ventrilo. There are also some key benefits over guest users, so refer to the Permissions List to view the difference.

Sponsored Channels are completely free to you, however due to the demand and amount of channels that end up going inactive; it's far too much work for us to maintain all the leaving/joining new people. So, we've implemented a few prerequisites:

a) Here's the scenario - you walk in our vent and would like a free sponsored channel, this is exactly what we will say:

b) If you answer yes to everything below, you qualify for channel sponsorship:

We aren't saying no-life it, we understand people actually do have lives on the internet. Just Show us your serious and will use your channel.

c) Everyone who obtains a free sponsored channel gets these benefits:

The difference between a Channel Owner and a Channel Admin is simple. Owners make the decisions regarding whether or not a channel can be renamed, or Channel Admins can be added or removed. Channel Admins cannot.

Refer to the Rank List to see what the visual difference is between the two.

VIP Subscriptions & What You Get For $5 A Month:

VIP Subscriptions are pretty easy to understand. For $5 dollars a month you get a lot more flexibility with your channels, added permission benefits, as well as being placed in our VIP Block which is above the sponsored block, and closer to the top of our Ventrilo.

a) The specifics of what you get:

Refer to the Permissions List for a complete comparison.

b) If you ever decide to cancel your VIP Subscription with us:

At any time you can cancel your subscription with us. The result is defined below:

3) Music Competitions

Brief Info:

They will be announced whenever we decide to host them. Come in at the allotted time, and wait in our Music Competition lobby until we begin.

a) Rules for entry are:

b) How It Works:

We all pile in a channel like a van full of Mexicans and then everyone gets muted lol. No seriously, you do. Everyone gets into chat, and then the DJ then plays music from any decade/genre they choose. The goal is simple:

b) Understand:

4) Permissions

Our complete permission list for guest, sponsored, and VIP users broken down into an easy to understand format.

Permission: Guest Sponsored User VIP User
Use Public Chat




Use Private Chat




Send Comments




Use Integration




Send Pages




In Reserved List




Ability to Record




Use Phantoms




IP Limit






Free *

$5 /month

* Must meet the requirements of section b, under Channel Sponsorships & What You Get For Free above.

5) Rank List

Our current rank list, how it appears next to user's names, and what each rank means in our server.

Rank: Appearance: Info:



The Owner of the Ventrilo Server, Master. What he says goes.



The Co-Owner of the Ventrilo Server, Kraze. What he says goes.



An Admin has full control over the server. Out-ranks every rank beneath.



Limited Admin capabilities, Moderates the Public Channels & Guest Users.



A user who has the full benefits of a VIP subscription.



A supporter of the Ventrilo. Has full VIP user permission benefits.



The guys who provide our Radio Stations with wonderful music.

Channel Owner


An Owner of a free sponsored channel. Makes the decisions for the channel.

Channel Admin


An Admin of a free sponsored channel. Moderates the channel.